NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 6/3

On the path of my life's journey, Lord, I encounter: 
bumps, potholes and cracks, 
hairpin turns, heavy traffic, soft shoulders, 
steep inclines, steeper downgrades, black ice, 
slick pavement, construction zones, reckless drivers, 
glare, debris in the roadway, lack of signage, 
fog, tire blowouts,  break failure, poor lighting...
On the path of my life's journey, Lord:
I get lost, I get into accidents, 
I move too fast or too slow, 
I cause accidents, 
I swerve too quickly and wipe out, 
I take short cuts and make wrong turns, 
I ride around in circles, 
I don't follow my map or I try to second guess my GPS,
I miss the exit I need to take 
and all too often I pull off to the side of the road 
and take a nap....

And through all this, Lord, you stay right by my side: 
no matter how far off track I go, 
no matter how far from the beaten path I wander, 
no matter where I drag you 
in my headstrong, lazy, foolish misdirected meanderings 
- you never forget or abandon me, you have my back, 
you never tire of nudging me in the right direction, 
showing me over and over again where I need to go
and how to get there...
Your patience amazes me, Lord: 
it saves me from getting so lost that I wouldn't have a clue 
as to how to get back on the right path,on  the road home, 
to find my way back to you...
     Almighty. Amazing. Awesome.
You're Triple AAA road service
             for my soul Lord!

Be my guide, my map, my compass, 
my sidekick, my companion, my GPS,
my AAA roadside rescue! 

Protect me on the path I travel, Lord,
and don't let me fall asleep at the wheel!
Guide me when I'm wide awake
and when I sleep give me rest
for the journey I'm on, with you at my side...



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