Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/4

    Photo by CP

I'm grateful to live in a house next to a dogwood, Lord!
I'm grateful for the opportunity to watch this tree
unfurl its springtime glory 
in hundreds upon hundreds of blossoms,
each four-petaled beauty a bloom of your artistry,
your design, your wisdom, your playful joy
in sending your people flowers, as  lovers do
when they want to say, "I love you..."

That's it, Lord! 
You're the Lover and we your beloved
and so you send us flowers,
flowers that you've planted, grown 
and coxed to life with April's showers,
May's sun and June's warming afternoons...

What's a bouquet - when you can send a tree?
And so you've done, Lord!
You've sent us plants, bushes, shrubs and trees
sprinkled, dotted, laced, dressed, bejeweled
with tender blossoms, each a message
of  just how much you love us, 
of how you want to share with us 
the source, the very heart of beauty
which belongs to you alone...

It's a grace, Lord, to live in a house next to a dogwood!

And if you take such care 
with blooms that come and go
how much more your care in growing us
and nurturing our growth,
in hope that we might, like a dogwood,
flower with your grace and for a season
be your presence, your beauty in this world...


    Photo by CP











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