NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 6/2

Just 14 days ago, Lord,
this bush had but one rose in bloom - just one!

And now I could cut and make bouquets
of what, two weeks ago, were little more 
than tightly wrapped buds...
Help me learn a lesson from this rosebush, Lord!
Help me appreciate the growth that's budding
in my heart and in my mind...
Help me be patient and trusting
that at just the right time, your time,
you'll bring to bloom
what grace you've planted in my soul... 

Help me believe, Lord,
in the beauty dwelling within me,
waiting to be called forth
to brighten the lives and days
of all around me...
Help me see that what I see
- isn't all there is to see:
that hidden, wrapped in buds,
lie gifts I've not unwrapped,
gifts from you for me to share
as soon as you say, "Bloom!'
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I asleep, 
that awake, I might keep patient watch with you 
and asleep, dream of how your grace will bloom
tomorrow, in my thoughts, my words, my deeds...

Hymn of Promise by Nancy Allen
In the bulb, there is a flower 
In the seed, an apple tree 
In cocoons, a hidden promise 
Butterflies will soon be free 
In the cold and snow of winter 
There's a spring that waits to be 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see 
There's a song in every silence 
Seeking word and melody 
There's a dawn in every darkness 
Bringing hope to you and me 
From the past will come the future 
What it holds, a mystery 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see 
In our end is our beginning 
In our time, infinity 
In our doubt, there is believing 
In our life, eternity
In our death, a resurrection 
At the last, a victory 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see   


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