Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY

Though my needs are many, Lord,
I pray you'll be generous 
when I ask you to grant me:
   hope when I'm discouraged,
   patience in my haste,
   faith when I'm in doubt,
   consolation in my distress,
   courage when I'm fearful,
   truthfulness in all I say,
   strength when mine is waning,
   mercy when I sin,
   healing when I'm broken,
   comfort when I'm sad,
   perseverance in my weakness,
   counsel when I'm confused,
   purity in passions,
   wisdom in my choices, 
   good will when I'm indignant,
   compassion when I'm spiteful,
   prudence when I'm angry,
   fairness when I'm biased,
   love when I'm indifferent,
   integrity in all I do,
and peace of mind and heart, Lord,
the peace I truly need today,
the peace that only you can give...



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