Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/8

    Thanks to Maverick's Mom for the graphic!

There's a lot of truth on that chalk board, Lord!
And it's not just "pandemic wisdom" 
    - it's true all the time! 

Come to think of it, 
you once said the same thing, yourself:
    The harvest is abundant 
        but the laborers are few...
But today the part that really hits me is this:
    Be kind to those who showed up!
It's a good reminder for me, Lord
to be kind to all the people 
who show up in my life
    every day    
    or from time to time,
    or now and again
    or maybe only once in a very great while
and those folks, too, just passing through,
    here today and gone tomorrow,
    never to be seen  or heard from again...
A reminder to be kind to all the people
who show up in my life, Lord:
    no matter who,
    no matter when,
    no matter where,
    no matter why,
    no matter for how long
for each of them is you,
my God of countless faces,
and to welcome you with kindness
is the least that I can do...

And while we're here, Lord,
I've one more prayer to make:
    give me the strength, the grace, the will,
    the desire and motivation
   -  to show up myself!
Give me whatever I need
to get off my butt and show up
    to be there for others,
    to be there with others,
    to be there for roll call,
    ready to do my part,
    prepared to serve this short staffed world
    where the harvest is waiting
    but the laborers are few...

And let me be your face for others, Lord:
    let the countenance of your kindness,
    the expression of your mercy,
    the features of your compassion,
    the visage of your justice,
    the complexion of y0ur  glory
    and the smile of your delight
    glow in my heart and shine on my face
that others might meet you in me
as I meet you in them...





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