Monday Morning Offering: 10/25

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Today I offer you, Lord,
“the impossibles…”

I lift up to you those situations,
circumstances, relationships and realities
that so many find impossible
to deal with, to live through, to accept,
to suffer, to resolve, to survive…

I’m confident, Lord,
that you know exactly what I’m praying about…

I’m praying for folks between a rock and a hard place…

I’m praying for people whose plates are full…

I’m praying for those who have tried
over and over again,
year after year after year
    to pick up their cross and carry it,
    to accept their burdens and live with them,
    to make things right in the face of wrong,
    to make peace with the unpeaceable,
    to take it a day at a time,
    to do the next right thing,
    to live in the moment,
    to be patient in waiting for change…

I’m praying for the innocent victims
    of another’s carelessness, bitterness or laziness,
    another’s pride, meanness or selfishness,
    another’s spite, anger or revenge…

I’m praying, Lord, 
for the grace of acceptance,
for the courage to remain faithful
and for the guts to trudge through a desert of 
    broken words, broken promises, broken vows…

I’m praying for the wisdom needed
    to see beyond the moment’s pain,
    to find the possibilities the impossible can yield,
    to understand what’s beyond comprehension,
    to accept what never in a lifetime
        one expected to be asked to accept…

I’m praying for the stamina:
    to see things through to the end,
    to hang in there,
    to do the next right things,
    to trust that all shall be well
especially when it seems 
    that nothing will ever be well again…

I’m praying for faith
    to believe in you, Lord,
    to trust in you,
    hope in you,
    lean on you
    and walk with you
in the light you shine on our path,
a light no darkness can extinguish…

I’m praying for faith to believe
that all things are possible with you, Lord,
even if what’s possible might be, for now,
    beyond my sight and my grasp,
    beyond my understanding and knowledge,
    beyond my imagination and my dreams…

I pray for the faith to believe that with you, Lord,
    all things are possible
and that with your help 
    I'll survive my fears and failures...

I pray that walking with you
I’ll find a new way, a new hope, a new surety
    that you are my Lord and my God,
    that nothing’s impossible with you at my back,
    that all things are possible when I trust in you,
    that you know better than I:
        the source of my troubles,
        the path to walk through them,
        the future that’s mine
        - and your love for me
            which has no bounds, no end…

I lift up to you those situations,
    circumstances, relationships and realities
that so many find impossible
    to accept, to deal with, to live through,
            to suffer, to resolve, to survive…

And I lift up to you,
I offer you this morning, Lord,
the hearts and souls and minds and thoughts,
    the struggles and pain, the confusion and hurt
        of those who find things impossible…

Open our hearts to you, Lord,
    and to all the possibilities,
    to all you have in store for us
this morning , this day, 
for the rest of our lives on earth and beyond…
Open us to the possibilities of 
    faith, hope and love
and teach us, Lord, that nothing’s impossible    
    when we walk with you at our side…





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