Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 11/20

Just a little more than a week left in November, the month of All Souls, a special time to remember and pray for those who have gone before us... So, let's not forget to pray for those who were often forgotten...
I pray today for those who died
whose story was a mystery, a puzzlement, a problem
for their families and friends, their neighbors and colleagues
- but not for you, Lord, who understood and loved them...

I pray for the marginalized and unappreciated:
for those left out of games and groups,
estranged from friendship groups and family circles,
overlooked, forgotten when it counted most,
left behind without a thought, ignored,
standing alone, as if invisible, alone,
so very much alone... 
I pray for those who suffered the pain, the ache,
of having no one to lean on,
no one to sit with and talk to,
no one there to share a joy,
a sorrow, a hope, a loss, a dream
or just a quiet moment...

I pray for those
whose loneliness shut them out,
whose isolation blinded them to others
who reached to touch them,
to speak, to be with them-
but all to no avail,
so much had solitude
shaped their way of life...

I pray for those who knew,
like you, Lord,
what it means to be forgotten,
deserted, abandoned,
left behind,
left to surrender to love unseen,
that love whose arms reach out
to save, to catch, to hold in peace
the lonely and forgotten
in that embrace that every soul
desires without end...

I pray for these forgotten ones
that now, at last, they rest in joy,
embraced and held forever
in your loving arms, O Lord:
made one with you
and all you've gathered in
to share your never-ending peace...





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