Retreat Notes #2

    The view from my window this week

I'm away this week at Eastern Point Retreat House in Gloucester, MA.  I hold you all in my heart in prayer this week so in a way, you're here with me on retreat. To share my experience with you, I'll post occasional notes like the one below.  Please, come pray with me!


My retreat is based on the amazingly bold premise that the all powerful Creator of the universe has any interest in or cares to take notice of - my existence.  That I have come here to pray reveals yet another incredible presumption: the One who is all-knowing and infinitely wise actually listens and pays attention to what I have to say.  And - brace yourself - this same eternal God never ceases to respond to my often clumsy, selfish and intermittent ramblings.

I think we don't often enough consider what it means for all of us to pray and to believe that God faithfully listens to, hears and answers our prayer - even if we don't always readily or easily understand what that divine response may be - even when that response is nothing more and nothing less than the silent, abiding, gracious presence of the One to whom we pray.

But this is, indeed, what we believe. It's why I'm in Gloucester this week.  It's why you pray. It's why we gather here, day after day, in the virtual chapel of this blog.  

We believe that our God knows and calls us each by name.  We believe that Jesus walks by our side as surely as he walked with his friends in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago.  We believe that the Spirit of God dwells within us, constantly urging us to open our minds and hearts: to the One who knows our every sorrow and joy; the One who knows our every fear, doubt and worry: the One who knows our every plea before it rises in our soul or leaves our lips in words of prayer.

And we do what we believe.  Again: this is why I've come to Gloucester this week. This is why you pray, wherever you are.  This is why we gather day after day in this virtual chapel. This is why the Spirit is calling, urging, prodding, nudging each of us - today - to find some quiet time, in a quiet place, to open up our minds and hearts to God, the Almighty, who's waiting to hear from us, who's waiting to speak to us, who's waiting to be with us in prayer.  
Have you prayed today?
God is waiting to hear from you...




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