Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 12/16

Only about a week 'til your birthday, Lord,
and only two weeks 'til the end of the year!
2021 is running down the clock 
but we all know that calendars, 
though helpful,
don't make, use, spend, lose or waste time
- that's all up to us!
So as Christmas draws near and New Year's, too,
    help us make the best of the time we have,
    help us use our time-outs wisely,
    help us spend some time serving others,
not losing or wasting a minute
    we might have spent in silence, 
    in prayer, in the light of your presence,
    in peace with you at our side...
Time, Lord... 
a precious gift we often squander:
    its mystery unfolds
       in its coming and going,
    its reward is the moment,
    its legacy history,
    its promise the future,
        to be unveiled...
Time, Lord...
not much left in the rest of December
    but more, so much more, 
    we hope and pray
    in the year, in the months, 
        in the days ahead - 2022....
We'll celebrate your birth in time,
    eternal though you are;
we'll count down midnight, New Year's Eve,
     rebooting time's unyielding grind;
but just for now, we pray you'll come 
    again - and soon - but not too soon:
come again when all time ends
    and all our days are one in you...





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