Monday Morning Offering: 2/21

       Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

What I’d like to offer you this morning, Lord, is -
the rest of February!

And when I say I’d like to “offer” it to you
what I really mean is,
“You can have it back...”

But that would only bring me to March-
and I’m pretty sure you can keep March, too...

So, what I’d really like, Lord,
is to jump from here to April,
to the thaw of things cold frozen:
to the promise of warm, moist earth,
the caress of spring's first day,
to trees greening and jonquils blooming…

So, I'd like to trade you the rest of February
and all of March - for spring!

I know you’re not surprised, Lord.
You know I'd rather skate the hard times
skirt the rough patches, skip the dark days
and sleep or wish them all away...

But I know that's not your way, Lord...

So what I offer this morning
is my prayer for a heart and mind
willing to face, to take on
the rest of this month and next month, too...

I pray for the soul 
to walk the cold, gray haze of winter;
a soul to seek and find the peace of your presence
to lead and guide me to springtime...

Give me the wisdom, the strength, the will I need
to make it from here to where I want to go,
to where I want to be, 
to where you lead and guide me...

And don't let me hesitate a moment, Lord,
when the warmth of your light brightens my path,
and your gentle touch graces my heart..

Help me take it a day at a time, Lord,
a week at a time,
a season at a time
until spring has come...






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