NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 2/1

On the Tuesdays of February's Black History Month, our Night Prayer will take its lead from the music of African American spirituals - tonight: Done Made My Vow to the Lord. On these four nights, I suggest you begin with the song and move from there to the words of prayer.

Done Made My Vow to the Lord 
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Done made my vow to the Lord   
And I never will turn back 
Oh, I will go, I shall go 
To see what the end will be 
When I was a mourner
Just like you 
I mourned and mourned 
‘Til I came through 
Amazing grace 
How sweet the sound 
I once was lost 
But now I’m found
Let's pray...
Help me not turn back, Lord,
    when the road ahead's unknown...
Help me not turn back
    when the way you lead confuses me...

Help me not turn back
    to escape a challenge I must face...

Help me not turn back
    out of pride, conceit or shame...

Help me not turn back, Lord,
    away from prayer and grace and you...
Give me faith to say, I'll go
    when I'm not sure yet where I'm headed...
Give me guts to say, I'll go
    when I'm confused and filled with doubt...

Give me hope to say I'll go,
    until I find the peace I seek...

Give me heart to say, I'll go
     when trust in you is all I have...
Then I will go, Lord, I shall go 
    so see me through until the end,
I will go, yes, I shall go
    for the end, I know, is you...
Protect me, Lord while I'm awake,
keep vigil while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and sleep deep in your peace...





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