Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/1

How many times a day, Lord, do I miss 
    a moment of peace,
    a gift of grace,
    a chance to pray,
    a hint of your presence,
    a break from the madness,
    a breath of hope,
    a glimpse of wisdom,
    a reason to rejoice,
    a vision of beauty,
    a point of insight,
    a sign of my growing in faith in you?

How many times each day, Lord,
do I let such moments just pass me by
because I'm too busy, too angry,
too tired, too distracted, too sad,
too selfish, too proud, too jealous,
too careless, too...

All good gifts come from you, O Lord,
so I know the good things I miss each day
are blessings fresh from your hand
to heal my heart, to calm my fears,
to bring to your peace...

So, today, Lord,
open my eyes, my ears, my mind
my imagination, heart and soul
to every gift and blessing dropped
from your heart into mine...





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