Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY /10


      Rose Street, Georgetown, CO: video by CP
I walked by here today and thought:
    "How blest would be my heart and soul,
    how fresh my mind with clarity,
    how faithful would my prayer life be
    if my house had a sunlit deck
    bridging a running stream!"
Oh, that would truly be sweet, Lord!
But then I remembered:
wherever I am, at home or away,
in a church, on the street,  in my bed,
    your touch anoints my heart and soul,
    your shining wisdom guides my thoughts,
    your Spirit draws me into prayer
    as streams of grace course through my day
    to quench my thirst for you...


If a video doesn't appear above, click here!





  1. Cannot find Homily from Michael’s funeral Mass.

  2. I'm a little confused at finding your comment on this post since my homily isn't posted here. You need to scroll back a few posts to the one titled, "I Lift Up My Eyes to the Mountains" where I've posted an audio widget with the homily. It's there so if you're not finding it you might try rebooting your device. Also, I occasionally hear from folks who aren't able to access videos and audio widgets on their iPhones. Let me know if you are able to find and play it.


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