Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 7/1

After more than half a year, Lord,
my Methodist friends down the road
have changed the scripture on their front lawn!

For months they challenged me every day
to rejoice in you, to rejoice in you - all the time!
And a challenge that was
because some days, Lord,  
rejoicing (in you or anyone!)
is really hard to do...

And the sign still bears a challenge:
    to trust in you and have no fear...
To trust in you... and have no fear...
Another hard saying, Lord,
and yet I'm grateful for the challenge
and its claim upon my heart:
    to turn to you with all my fears,
        my worries and anxieties;
    to turn to you when times are tough,
        when I'm not sure how I'll get by;
    to turn to you in trust and hope,
        to let go all my fears...

I'll need faith for all this, Lord,
more faith than the faith I have right now:
    faith in you to take my side,
    faith in you to have my back,
    faith in you to hold me close,
    faith in you to care for me,
    faith in you to rescue me
        from anything or anyone 
            threatening my well-being...

I want that faith,
I need that faith,
I pray for faith to trust in you:
    to trust in you and have no fear,
    to trust that you are always there,
    to trust and to believe, Lord,
    that you will never fail me,
        my strength, my rock, my peace...

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