Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY /4

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You know all my working parts, Lord,
each and every one,
you know all my moving parts
for you're the master of them all...

You know all my broken parts,
the tired, worn out fixtures,
parts of me still in need of
retooling and repairing...

You know the parts I haven't nurtured,
the ones I haven't tended,
the parts in need of mending,
the ones that ache for healing...

You know the parts I just ignore, Lord,
the ones I don't acknowledge,
the parts I don't accept,
the ones I won't embrace...

you know the parts that work quite well,
the ones I often take for granted,
fine parts made by your own hand,
unique to me alone...

You know all my working parts, Lord,
you're familiar with each one:
all the hardware and the software
of what makes me who I am...

Tune the parts that make me
all you fashioned me to be
and restore, rebuild, replace the parts
in need of your repair...

Be merciful and gentle
when you touch my broken parts:
the  damaged pieces in my heart,
deep down within my soul...

I always need your help, Lord,
with my rusty, broken parts, 
your work on me is never done,
there's always more to do...

With all the parts that make me
who I am and called to be
make me patient with each one of them
as you, Lord, are with me...





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