Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/19

You set up mountains by your might.
You still the roaring of the seas,
   the roaring of the waves,
      the tumult of the peoples...

-Psalm 65

How powerful you are, Lord!
You set the mountains in their place,
    with but a word you mute the thunder,
    at your glance the waves grow calm
    and with a touch you heal the wounded heart...

Be powerful in my life, Lord,
when I'm too weak, too slow
      to do what your word asks of me,
      what conscience might demand of me
      and all I want and need to do
         to be the person you created me to be...
Move the mountains in my way, Lord,
    and put them in their place!
Clear a path for me, a valley of safe passage
    through the heights and peaks that loom ahead!
Let nothing stand between us, Lord,
    let nothing keep me from your grace!

With your word, O Lord,  
    quiet the restless ocean churning in my heart, 
        flooding through my mind and thoughts...
Calm the waves that rock my fragile boat!
Smooth the seas that threaten to capsize me!
Reach out, rescue me and save me 
    from the tempest sets my life on edge...
Hush the noise distracting me
    from prayer, from peace, from you!

Speak your peace deep in my soul, 
    in the places where I grieve and weep and wait
        for peace to come again...
Help me find the path you chart for me,
    hear the word you speak to me
        and know again the healing calm 
            your presence always brings...




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  1. Another one of those “just what I needed to hear” psalms you write so often. Will there be another collection of prayers coming?


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