NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 7/18

It doesn't seem possible, Lord,
(or maybe I just don't want to believe)
that we're more than halfway through July!
Summer's my favorite season
and these days, like all good times,
pass by much too quickly...
How is that, Lord?
How is it:
    that joy so quickly fades
        while sadness lingers,
            won't let go...
    that hard times slow 
        the tick-tock pace
            that time is bound to keep?
    that waiting seems forever
        while fulfillment
            comes and goes...
Or is it I who linger, sad?
    I whose interest fades?
    I who stall the hands of time
    and slow the pace of healing?
Do I fail to give 
    my heart and soul
        to you, Lord, and your peace?
Am I slow to place      
    my trust in you,
        when times are tough to face?
Do I miss the grace 
    to find the joy
        that comes with every day?

Have I learned to find
    one season's joy
        spread throughout the year?

Open my heart to these summer days
    and open my soul to your grace;
open my wounds to your healing, Lord,
    and my broken parts to your touch;
open my life to all the ways
    in every season, all year 'round,
to the joy you offer every day,
    summer and fall, winter and spring,

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

Hymn of Promise by Nancy Allen
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In the bulb, there is a flower 
In the seed, an apple tree 
In cocoons, a hidden promise 
Butterflies will soon be free 
In the cold and snow of winter 
There's a spring that waits to be 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see 
There's a song in every silence 
Seeking word and melody 
There's a dawn in every darkness 
Bringing hope to you and me 
From the past will come the future 
What it holds, a mystery 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see 
In our end is our beginning 
In our time, infinity 
In our doubt, there is believing 
In our life, eternity
In our death, a resurrection 
At the last, a victory 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see  




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