Wednesday, July 18, 2007.  It was my day off and it was raining - definitely not a beach day.  I'd been thinking for some time about starting a blog and it seemed a good day to explore that possibility - so I did.  I was surprised to find how easy it is to set up a page online and before the afternoon was over, I had published my first post.  That was 15 years ago today and the post you're reading right now is number 10,786!

My blog's focus shifted and changed over the first few years but eventually settled into a site devoted to daily prayer and the Sunday scriptures, following the seasons and feasts of the liturgical calendar. Writing this page has been one of the blessings and joys of my ministry.  It was a mainstay for me through the Covid shutdown, giving me a daily opportunity to minister to people when social distancing kept us all apart.  It was during the pandemic that I added a daily Night Prayer to the longstanding daily Pause for Prayer  and now those two pieces bookend the day on my page.

As a priest now retired from assigned ministry, writing this blog has become even more important to me as a way for me to continue to serve God's people - and to pray with them.  Together, we are a community who come to this virtual chapel at all hours of the day and night, meeting the Lord in prayer, some directly through my blog, some through Facebook and some through Twitter.  All are welcome!

One of the most frequent comments folks make about the prayers I write is this: I can't believe how often you seem to know just what I needed to read and pray!  Well, the truth is: I don't know just what you need - but I believe that Jesus does and that through the grace of the Spirit, he weaves together the needs of our hearts, our words and our silence,  our sorrows, joys, faith and hope into one great prayer shared by all.  I never forget how many people are praying with me through my blog - I hope you never forget how many are praying with you...
What's ahead?  Well, first of all I will definitely be continuing everything I'm doing now.  And in addition, I'm working on a new feature I hope to introduce soon on an occasional basis.  I've been retired since November 2021 and I've  been using some of my time to look back on nearly 50 years of ministry.  Afterthoughts will be the title of a series where I'll be reflecting on the joys, disappointments, blessings, and regrets of nearly half a century in the Lord's vineyard.
Finally, I want to thank you for your faithful readership and support!  This page would make no sense apart from you and the faith you bring to our virtual chapel.  So, thank you - 10,786 times - thank you!  
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!





  1. Thank you for sharing Gods gifts with all of us. I lead Fist Saturday devotions and always read one of your prayers to the group. It always touches peoples hearts! Your daily prayer starts my day!!🙏

  2. Dear Fr. Austin, I thank God for you every morning. I am not the most disciplined person and found it difficult to know how to start my prayer or quiet time each day. A friend sent me one of your post about 10 years ago and we have been praying together ever since. Thank you too for Nite Prayer, it's the perfect close to my day. Many Blessings to you. Kathy P

  3. I have received so many gifts from years and years of reading your blog... from learning so much, from meeting and encountering others, from getting to meet you one day. Blessings on you all the good you put into the world!


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