Morning Coffee: George Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
Today, Lord, I offer
for your understanding, mercy and healing
the messy parts of my life...

I offer you all my undone stuff,
my incompletes, my untended loose ends,
the unfinished business of 
    promises yet to keep,
    resentments tucked away,
    social debts in arrears,
    pledges unfulfilled, 
    self-inventory delayed,
    time foolishly wasted,
    tough jobs long avoided, 
    grudges nursed and held,
    responsibilities unattended...
All this I offer, Lord, and I pray for
    courage to face my failings,
    strength to do the next right thing,
    wisdom to see what's real, what's true,
    character to shape my choices,
    grace to grow in holiness
    and mercy to heal my brokenness...

Help me finish what's unfinished, Lord,
    find order in my chaos,
    clean up the mess I've made,
    tie up all my loose ends 
    and follow where your Spirit leads
    into your peace where all is well...





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