Monday Morning Offering: 8/8

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
A friend posted a photo, Lord
and after one brief glance 
my heart slipped and fell into that lily pond, 
into its perfect, peaceful stillness
and its simple mystic beauty: 
    pale green pods softly muted
    by magenta's royal presence...

    Photo by John Maloney












So it's my heart I come to offer, Lord,
this August Monday morning:
    let me fall into the stillness
    of the peace your presence offers,
    the mystery of your healing grace 
    muting any fear or fury
    stirring in my soul...
Let me slip, fall, dive
    into the waters of your wisdom,
    the depths of pure serenity,
    your mystical divinity 
        revealed in all creation...
And if you would, Lord, 
pluck a lily from the pond of your sweet mercy:
    with one blossom open wide my eyes
    to grace my day with beauty,
    anoint my heart with glory,
    crown me with your saving peace
    and clothe me in a royal robe 
        of deep magenta joy...





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