NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 10/28

Every once in a while it dawns on me, Lord,
    how petty, how passing and inconsequential
are so many things renting space in my mind
    and filling my heart with worry and fear...
Every once in a while I get a clear view 
    of what really matters, the things that count,
of what makes a difference in how I live
    and what makes a difference to you...
Every once in a while I get some perspective
    on how small my world has become,
how entitled, short-sighted and selfish my take
    on what burdens the hearts of others...
Every once in a while, at least now and then,
    and just as happened today, Lord,
I look through your eyes and feel with your heart
    and I see my life as you do...

I see my burdens, my blessings and gifts,
    I feel my pain, my healing and peace;
I accept what's hard, what's real and true,
    I know my sins and your mercy and grace;
I see myself as I truly am, Lord:
    troubled and calm; broken and healed;
    lonely and loved; forgotten and found;
    fragile and strong; fearful and sure;
    doubting and faithful; hungry and fed...

Every once in a while it dawns on me, Lord:
    you're my Maker and I'm your child;
    you're my way, my truth and my life;
    you're my Lord, my God, my all;
    you're who matters, who really counts...
Only in you does my life make sense,
    only in you will I find myself,
        only in you will I know the truth
            and only in you will I be at peace...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Only In God by John Foley, SJ
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!

Only is God will my soul be at rest
From Him comes my hope, my salvation.
He alone is my rock of safety,
My strength, my Glory my God. 
1. Trust in God at all times O people
and pour out your heart.
God alone is a refuge for us
And a stronghold for our fear.

2. Many times have I heard you tell
Of your long lasting love.
You, yourself, Lord reward all who labor
For love of your Name. 





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