Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/28

    Photo by CP
I can't believe I'm about to begin my prayer this way 
    - but here goes:
            If I were you, Lord...
Yes, if I were you, Lord,  I'd finish the work
    of coloring and crowning the trees in their glory
before I'd allow even one single leaf 
    to leave its branch, to flitter and float
    and finally fall to the ground and rest
on a carpet, crisp and browned by time,
    awaiting a blanket of snow...
But that's not your way, Lord...

The trees are still turning, some branches yet green,
    as you put the finishing touches
        on autumn's delightful display
and even now, as I take in her beauty,
    my eye catches sight of the falling leaves
        and my wonder is tempered with loss...
And that's your way, Lord...
Death follows life and life follows death
    in the passing of time in creation,
season to season, year to year
    through death in this world to life in the next...

So, I'm like a tree you're still working on Lord,
    putting your finishing touches
        on the person you called me to be
as I fumble and falter and slip from the heights 
    to the earth from which I was made...

If I were you?  
Well, I'm not you, Lord
    and your way is yours,
        and your way's far better than mine...

So I pray this morning: 
    be patient with me as you finish the work you began
        in my heart, in my soul, in my words and my deeds,
    'til I fall, like a leaf, on an autumn day,
       fall into your hands, in your time, in your way, 
            forever to live in your peace...   





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