NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 10/8

 It's time to start a few countdowns, Lord:
        23 days until Halloween
       30 days until Midterm Elections
       47 days until Thanksgiving Dinner
       48 days until Advent begins
       78 days until Christmas Joy
       85 days until New Year's Eve
       86 days until January 1, 2023
And then there are the countdowns to dates unknown:
        How many days 'til I change my ways?
        How many days 'til I do the right thing?
        How many days 'til I forgive my enemies?
        How many days 'til the truth prevails?
        How many days 'til my family's at peace?
        How many days 'til the violence ends?
        How many days 'til the captives are freed?
        How many days 'til the homeless are housed? 
        How many days 'til we reverence all peoples?
        How many days 'til all people are fed?
        How many days 'til the oppressed find justice?
        How many days 'til all Christians unite? 
        How many days 'til the world's at peace?
Only you know the season, the day and the hour
        when the sick will be healed, all in your time...
        the broken mended, all in your time...
        the lost found, all in your time...
        justice is done, all in your time...
        peace is made, all in your time...
        and all, at last, are one in you
            all in your time, Lord, all in your time...
So, while I wait, Lord,
I count the days and number the nights,
praying and working for what can be:
    give me the grace, the strength and the courage,
       the conviction and passion I need
    to do what is just, to love what is good
       and to walk always humbly, close to your side,
    all in your time, Lord, all in your time,
        all in your own good time...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
In His Time by Diane Ball 
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