Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/20

When I'm anxious and afraid, Lord,
    you take my hands in yours...
When I'm lost and all alone
    your hands reach out to bring me home...
When I'm burdened, bent down low
    your strong hands help lift me up...

When I've nothing left to offer,
    your hands fill my arms with grace...
When my hands are slack and idle,
    your hands set mine to a task...
When my hands are stiff and weak,
    your hands supply the strength I need...

When I've lost my grip on trust and hope,
    your hands help me not give up...
When I lift my hands in anger,
    your hands hold me back in peace...
And when I start to drift away
    your hands gently pull me back...
My hands are gifts from you, Lord
    and like your hand on my heart
I pray I use my own hands
    to heal as you've healed me..





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