Monday Morning Offering: 11/21

Coffee in the Morning

Good morning, good God!

Thanksgiving's just a few days away, Lord,
and I want to be ready on Thursday
to thank you for all I have,
especially what I have in abundance,
all from your generous hands:
I want to remember the ways you've helped me
since last Thanksgiving,
just a year ago...

Help me remember, Lord,
all the times when your strength, 
not my own,
got me through the really rough patches...

Help me remember
how, in your faithful love,
you never left me alone...

Help me remember
the gift of your mercy and forgiveness
each and every time I strayed from your grace...

Help me remember
how every time I prayed
you were there to hear me...

Help me remember
how you were there to help me
when taking one more step
just seemed impossible... 
Help me remember
how I'm surviving hurt and pain
I thought I could not bear...
Help me remember, Lord,
the people who love and care for me:
family and friends, colleagues and neighbors 
near and far and right next door...

Help me remember as gifts
the things I often feel entitled to:
good food and clean water,
warm clothing, a place to live,
safety, liberty and freedom... 

Help me remember, Lord,
all who serve, protect and care for me,
especially those whose names I do not know...

Help me remember and be grateful for
my vision, my hearing, my sense of touch
and all the good and beautiful things I experience
through my senses...

Help me remember what I take for granted,
and open my eyes to blessing and gifts 
I haven't used - or don't yet know are mine...

Help me remember
that every good gift comes from you, my God:
from your hand to mine,
from your heart to mine
- and all to be shared with others...

Help me remember and never forget
how many are my reasons for thanking you
and praising you again and again and again...

Come this Thursday, Lord, help me remember
(between the turkey and the football games)
help me remember to thank you
for all the gifts and blessings 
I've been privileged to receive...

This morning, Lord, this Thursday
and every day this week
I offer you my thanks, my God
from whom all blessings flow...





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