NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 11/19

 Everyone's asking: 
    "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?"
And of course what they mean is,
    "Where are you going?  Who will you be with?"
That's got me thinking about and remembering
    all the places I've celebrated Thanksgiving
        and the people I've shared that day with...

Where have I gone for Thanksgiving?
    Hobart Street in Danvers
    Weeks Road in Danvers
    Stedman Street  in Chelmsford
    Moreau Seminary at Notre Dame
    ODell Avenue in Beverly
    Bertram Street in Beverly
    Monument Square in Concord
    Main Street in Concord
    Hillside Avenue in Concord
    Longfellow Road in Lexington
    Park Street in Norfolk
    Channing Road in Concord
(Readers: where have YOU celebrated Thanksgiving?)
Just those street names bring to mind and heart
    the love and faces of family and friends, 
        many now long gone,
            with whom I've shared Thanksgiving Day...
Many will gather on Thursday, Lord,
    embraced by loved ones from near and far...
But some this year will have no place to go
    and some will be where they'd rather not be...
Some will be close to family and friends
    and some far away from hearth and home...
Some will be gathered with friends just met
    or with in-laws now that the knot's been tied...
Some will need, for the very first time,
    to face a familiar but empty chair...
Teach us, Lord, to always make room
    for one more guest at our table
        in our dining rooms and kitchens,
        in church and in our hearts,
    room for one more guest
        - for that guest is always you...
Wherever we are, with whomever may join us,
    open our hearts in gratitude, Lord,
for your grace, your gifts and your faithful love
    at  the table of mercy where you have reserved
a seat for each of us, gathered together,
    in praise and thanks and peace...

Protect us, Lord while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
At Your Table by Jared Anderson 
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