Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 11/19

even before I wake up
you know the whole of the day ahead of me...

Before I open my eyes
you know all of this day's sorrows,
all of this day's joys...  

Before I'm out of bed
you know my hopes and dreams,
my worries and fears
of what this day might bring...

You know everything I'll face today
and you'll be my strength when I am weak
just as you're my strength when I am strong...

You know the burdens and the blessings
of the day that lies before me:
    help me bear what weighs upon me,
    make me grateful for your gifts...

You know what help I'll need today
and I trust you'll share it freely:
    give me all the grace I'll need
    to live this day in peace with you
    and with all whose paths cross mine...





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