NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 11/18

Lord, I love the perspective of my friend's photo here:
    the perspective of fallen leaves...
                                               Photo by John McGinty
These leaves have done their duty, Lord!
Last spring they budded barren branches,
waiting to unfold in leafy beauty
to fulfill their given task:
to shade us from the summer's sun,
a refuge and a cooler place to sit,
read, picnic, hold a dear friend's hand
and carry on those conversations meant to solve most
- if not all - of this world's many problems...
Then, before retiring just at summer's end
- a costume change for fall's finale,
gracing us with glories 
only you, Lord, might have dreamed...

But now, 
applause is fading, hushed by autumn's chill
as the leaves fall gently, one by one, 
landing on and weaving a soft and tender carpet
where we tread - oh, so softly -
listening in the rustling
for November's parting song...

As the season ends, Lord,
these fallen leaves look up into the heavens,
searching for their Maker,
praying for the rest they've surely earned,
the rest they so deserve...
And so, as this day ends, Lord,
I look up to heaven and search for you, my Maker
as one day I'll look up again
when, like the leaves,
I'll pray I've earned the rest you promise,
and the peace for which I long...
Teach me the lesson of falling leaves, Lord,
and make both this day's passing and the autumn of my life
times to gently fall into your strong and loving arms,
into your  mercy and your peace...

The leaves have done their duty, Lord,
may I do mine as well...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me when I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Tonight's music is Falling Leaves, a guitar solo by Martin Tallstrom, entitled. Tallstrom has captured on his fret board the beauty and mystery of falling leaves.  As you listen to it, imagine yourself falling into bed at day's end and into sleep...  And remember all who've fallen into God's hands and those who will fall into eternal rest in the course of the night ahead...  May the sound of the guitar and of our falling into God's embrace be gentle, beautiful and peaceful beyond our imagining...
Falling Leaves by Martin Tallstrom

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