NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 11/17

Good Lord!
Is it possible that 
    November's more than half gone? 
    Thanksgiving's just a week away?
    Advent starts in 10 days?
        - then Christmas and a brand new year?
Do you laugh when I go on like this, 
    given how I use my time? waste my time?
        spend and lose the time that's mine? 
How is it, Lord, 
    that time gets away from me?
    that some days are gone before I know it
       while others, at a snail's pace, creep and crawl?

Of all your many gifts, Lord,
    I count time as truly precious
in spite of how I keep it
    or fail to spend it wisely..

As this year's final days approach,
    just 44 in number, 
slow me down and put the breaks
    to my harried, hassled hurry,
to my taking on too much
    or my wasting time that's mine
        to give away in serving others...
You're the Alpha and Omega,
    the beginning and the end;
all time belongs to you, Lord,
    all the ages, every season...
Help me treasure every day then
    as a holy day, a holiday;
a day of your own making, Lord,
    a grace and gift from you...

Protect me, Lord while I'm awake,
keep vigil while I sleep,
that awake, I keep the watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
God of All My Days by Casting Crowns

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