Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/17

(For the record: 
    I'm healthy and have no plans to go anywhere soon!)
The way I see it, Lord,
    I've been coming into this world
        since the day I arrived, more than 75 years ago...
From the mind of God,
    through my parents' love,
        into my mother's womb 
'til I was born, a newcomer
    in this crazy world where I have been
        an immigrant, visitor, guest...
And ever since I got here, Lord,
    I've been making my way ever deeper
        into the wonders of life,
coming closer to my departure,
    my going forth from all I've known
        to the mystery of all that's yet to be...

I've been living out of a suitcase, Lord:
    one day unpacking, putting down roots
       and settling in to make a home
and the next day packing up again and moving on
    to the next stop on my pilgrimage
           to the point of no return...

The more time I spend coming into this world
    the closer I am to my leaving it, Lord,
        to packing my suitcase one last time
    for the final leg of my passage,
        a story of blessings, sorrows and joys,
            a sojourn of comings and goings...
Be my guard and guide as I make my way,
    let your wisdom and truth chart the map
        for all of my comings and goings;
be the light on my path and lead me one day
    to the place where at last I will know:
        in the end, Lord, is my beginning...





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