Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 11/26

Isaiah 40

OK... Thanksgiving is over 
    but it's not yet Christmas.  
Advent begins at sundown today
    so let's begin with this great tune
        and then Pause for Prayer...
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In the crazy rush of Christmas all around, Lord, 
    help me prepare a way for you...     
Help me remember that Christmas is your birthday, 
    that I need to find gifts to offer to you...     
Help me remember the poverty of your birth:  
    plunder my heart and my wallet, Lord, 
    and help me spend generously 
    on those whose needs are far greater than mine..       
Help me see that of all the gifts I may receive, 
    none will surpass 
        the gifts of your mercy, forgiveness and pardon...  
Help me prepare a way for you 
    to enter my life decisively: 
a way for you to take me as your own, set your seal on my heart 
        and summon from my depths all you made me to be...      
Help me prepare the way for you  
    to take possession of my desires;
fill me with the gifts I truly need, 
    and bring to completion the work you began in me...     
Help me clear and prepare a path so you
    can invade and capture my mind and heart
and clear that path of the road blocks, Lord,
    that clutter and slow my way to you...
 Lord, help me prepare a way for you
    and prepare my heart for the many ways 
        you choose and seek to enter my life...


Prepare the Way of the Lord by Stephen Schwartz




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