Monday Morning Offering: 1/30

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I'm stuck on Saint Paul's words from yesterday's mass:
    that I'm wise by no one's standards
        - human or divine
    and that those I count as foolish
        may be wise beyond my dreams...

Foolishly, I sometimes think 
    I know it all
      - and you, Lord, know - I don’t!

Lord, keep me from the pretense
   that I know more than most
      and so much more than anyone around me...

Keep me from thinking 
    I know it all
       and have nothing left to learn...

Keep me from thinking I know enough
   because I know enough 
        - to just get by...

Keep me from thinking I know myself well
    when I'm such a mark 
        for my own deceit...

Keep me from thinking
  -  and over-thinking -
        too much, too often and to no avail...

Keep me from thinking 
   that others don't think:
      Lord, open my mind to their thoughts...
Keep me from thinking
   my thoughts are all foolish
      - but help me know when they are...
Keep me from thinking 
    you’d fail to forgive
      my foolish thoughts and ideas...

Keep me from thinking I know better than you
    true from false, bad from good 
        and the difference 'tween right and wrong...

Keep me from thinking:
   "The worst will happen!"
        - and help me to hope for the best…

Keep me from thinking
   you don’t understand,
      you who dwell in the depths of my heart…

Keep me from thinking
   I can do it alone
      when I need all the help I can get…

Keep me from thinking 
    it's always my fault
        and help me to trust in the good that I do...
Keep me from thinking
   I know all there is 
        to know about you and your love…

And keep me from thinking 
   there's ever a moment
      when you're not thinking of me...
Such is my prayer for wisdom, Lord,
offered this Monday morning:
    make me wise in your ways
        in your word and your truth
            and in all that I say and do...



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