Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 2/24

It's the third day of Lent...  how's it going?
Or did you miss Ash Wednesday altogether 
and just stumble into Lent yesterday or today?  
(If so, welcome aboard - it's NOT too late!)   
Has the fervor of Ash Wednesday deepened
    or has it worn off?
Have you got a plan for living Lent - 
    or have you been just too busy to think about it?
Are you wondering if you've missed the boat, 
    that it sailed without you?
Well, much of life is like that, isn't it?
My life is! 
   I have false and late starts...
   I sometimes miss what everyone else seems to get...  
   I lose track of even the most important things I want to do... 
   I get distracted and even lost 
    and wonder if it's too late to start again... 
   I worry that my timeline isn't in sync with God's... 
   I fear I'm not doing things
    the way they're supposed to be done... 
   I wonder if I'll ever figure out 
    how Lent is supposed to work for me...
Life and Lent can be very much alike 
and that's because the person who's living my life 
    is the same person who's trying to live Lent...
I won't become a better person just because it's Lent: 
    I pray that because of Lent, in Lent, through Lent 
        I might become a better, more faithful person.  
And the only way for that to happen 
    is for me to acknowledge that it's impossible 
        for me to do this alone 
    and that I really need your help, Lord...
Like life, Lent is best lived one a day at a time...
My Lenten plans will help me grow 
    if they're plans I can live with, 
        if they're modest plans that will help me,  
            a day at a time,
        to be faithful to your presence in my life, Lord...

So I pray my life this Lent will be simple, Lord,
    I pray my prayer will be simple and faithful
        a day at a time...
    I pray my Lenten practice will be simple and faithful
        a day at a time...
    I pray my care for those in need will be simple and faithful
        a day at a time...

I pray I walk through these holy days with you, Lord,
    just a day at a time...





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