Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/25

Had a physical yesterday, Lord
and I brought to my doc
all the symptoms, questions, worries and pains
a man my age might have...
And I was relieved, 
pleased and grateful to you,
that the answer to all of my fears 
was a very simple diagnosis:
I'm about to turn 76!

I left the hospital smiling
and quietly praying to you 
with thanks and praise for the health that's mine
three fourths of a century in...

But boarding the elevator down
I stood in the silent company 
of others whose visit's results
might well have been different than mine...

So I prayed, and I pray this morning, Lord,
for all who are sick today,
who worry about their health
and the health of family and friends...

I pray for those who are sick
and especially for those who are chronically ill;
and I pray for people in treatment
and for those for whom no treatment exists...

I pray for those who are dying,
who are resting in hospice care
and I pray for their loved ones by their side
and the care givers standing by...

I pray for those who live with pain,
confined to home and to bed;
and I pray for those who are sick and alone,
those who must care for themselves...
And I pray for all who read these words,
healthy and sick alike, Lord:
be our healing and strength,
our comfort and hope,
be the answer to all our prayers...




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