Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY3/12

Last night, Lord, we all fiddled with our clocks,
convincing ourselves that in some way
we altered the course of time...
Do you laugh out loud, Lord, or just smile knowingly 
when we mortals presume to understand, to improve upon
the work of your hands and realities far beyond our grasp?
an artifical construct, our meager effort 
to name, mark and measure our finite, human experience
- held in your divine, eternal now...
Every day we make our way
from yesterday towards tomorrow:
    our present ever fading to the past
    and the future always just beyond our reach
- while for you, Lord, there is only, always now...
They say, "time marches on"
but sometimes, Lord, 
    the minutes pass like hours
while at other times,
    the days slip by as minutes...

What I long for, Lord,
is time with you in prayer:
    when my time meets eternity;
    when, finding you in time
        I, for a time, behold your face
    and see what waits for me 
        when all my time is yours...






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