Today is a Friday in Lent!


March 24 is a FRIDAY in LENT:
   a day to abstain from eating meat.

What does that mean?  

Catholics over 14 years of age 
are expected to abstain from eating meat 
on the Fridays of Lent.

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Note: Individual, personal health concerns and "doctor's orders" always take precedence over regulations for fast and abstinence!

Fast and Abstinence In Lent

All Christians are called to special prayer, fasting and caring for the poor in the season of Lent.

Each person determines how he or she will personally live out these ancient Lenten exercises. 

In addition to personal Lenten practices, Catholics are also called to a communal practice of self-denial by abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday, the Fridays of Lent and on Good Friday.

     Pastors often receive requests from parishioners asking to be “dispensed” from fast and abstinence for particular social occasions. 

     Of course, it is precisely on such occasions that the self-denial of fast and abstinence might be most meaningful. Such a “dispensation” is not a pastor’s to give. 

     The Church tells us that in this matter individuals have freedom to excuse themselves but that, “no Catholic will lightly hold himself/herself excused from so hallowed an obligation as this penitential practice.”




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