Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 3/10

Here's the pocket Cross from 9 years ago
    and a prayer to go with it...

Lord, as I come back to you
with all my heart this Lent,
help me share my neighbors' burdens
as we travel side by side...

Open up my heart to see
my burdens growing lighter
as I reach and help my neighbors
bear their troubles and their pain...

Open wide my eyes
that I not miss my neighbor's spirit 
bent beneath the weight of troubles
hidden from plain view...
Open up my ears to hear my neighbors' silent cry
when they cannot find the breath, the words,
they need, to ask for help...

Open, Lord, my lips, my mouth
when words might help and heal -
but let me know when silence whispers
all that need be said...

Open wide my arms 
to catch and lift the ones who fall,
embracing them with love
to help them face another day...

Open all our hearts
as we return to you this Lent,
for when we give our hearts away
we give ourselves to you...





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