NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 3/20

Sometimes I wonder, Lord, 
    if you've turned away from me,
        if you're hiding from me... 

At least, sometimes, that's how it feels...

But... would you?
Would you ever hide your face from me?
Could you ever ignore or forget me?
    I don't really think you could.  
    In fact, I don't believe you ever would.
It's more likely, Lord, 
    that I'm the one who turns away from you.
        who tries to hide from your watchful gaze,
while all the while you're seeking me out, 
    pursuing me,
       showing me your merciful face...
It's me who plays hide-and-seek with you, Lord
   - but there's no hiding from you,
        no matter how hard I try... 
Like a child I pretend that if I turn my back to you, 
   I'll become invisible,
that if I run and hide, you won't see me
      that somehow I might escape
         the light and truth of your gaze...

Sometimes I try to hide because I'm ashamed 
    of what I've done or failed to do;
embarrassed by my words or deeds, I try to hide
   until I've "put myself back together..."

But there's no hiding from you, Lord,
   especially when I need you
- and even when I don't realize how much I need you...

In your mercy, only you, Lord, 
    can see and mend and heal
       what's hidden, wounded and broken within me...

It's the light of your truth, Lord, that reveals my need
   to stand before you, face to face, 
        to return to you with all my heart:
    to let the light of your truth 
        brand my soul with mercy
           and heal me with your grace...

Then, redeemed by your love, 
    I'll have no need to run 
        and hide from your gaze...

Then, with my heart turned 'round
   I'll hear your word of truth,
   I'll hear you call my name,
     calling me to do as you ask:
         to love you with all my heart and mind
             and love my neighbor as myself...

Help me stop playing games, Lord:
   no more hide-and-seek!

I know you watch my every step
   - not to catch me when I fail
         but to lift me when I fall
   - not to stalk my every move
         but to strengthen me in faith;
   - not to weigh my every deed
         but to wait my heart's return...

Guard me every step of the way, Lord,
   lest I fail or fall, lest I weaken in faith, 
      lest my heart resist your care for me... 

Help me return to you with all my heart:
   to begin again, to start afresh
      and to live in your love,
         one day at a time...

Help me do what's good, honest and just,
   what's pure, sincere and true,
      what's loving, kind and forgiving...
Help me do the next right thing!
Help me turn my heart to you, Lord,
   to bathe in the light of your truth
       that shines from warmth of your face...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...


I Cannot Hide from You  sung by Greg Long

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