Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/4

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Many people are planning to go to church tomorrow to receive ashes.
And many people are thinking about going to church tomorrow to receive ashes.

Let's pause and pray,  
right now, for one another,
for all who will come to pray tomorrow, 
on Ash Wednesday...

Let's pray for a new beginning in faith,
a new beginning in prayer,
a new beginning with God...

Let's pray for a season of serving others
especially those most in need...

Let's pray a springtime of renewal
leading us to the joy of Easter
and the peace of the Risen Christ...  


If we're planning to make Lent a part of our lives this year, there's no better time to start than on Day 1: Ash Wednesday!

It may not be convenient to get to church on a weekday but part of what Lent's about is letting go of convenience to s-t-r-e-t-c-h ourselves beyond what we're accustomed to and eXeRcIsInG our spiritual muscles in need of a workout!

Remember: LENT is Spring Training for Christians!

Here are some FAQ's for Ash Wednesday:

1) What time are ashes given?
This varies from church to church and you'll need to make a call or Google your local parish on line.

2) Will this be at a Mass?
Ashes are usually given at a Mass but sometimes at a prayer service.  (In my parish we'll give ashes at three Masses (7 and 9 a.m and 7 p.m.), at a Word Service at noon, and at an afternoon prayer service especially prepared for children.

3) When in the Mass are ashes given?
Ashes are given after the homily.

4) Can I just run in and get ashes?
I hope you won't!  The liturgy offers us much more than ashes today. Come to church and sit for a while in the quiet and ask God to be with you and to help you through Lent.  Listen to the readings at Mass and reflect on how they speak to you. Come to the Lord's altar to receive the gift of his life in Communion.  At the end of Mass, leave with the confidence of knowing that you've made a great start on your Lenten spring training.

5) Can you remind me again about why I should get ashes?
Sure! Look here or here or here.


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