St. Francis and some wolf stories...

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Do you know the legend of St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio?  Click on that link for an interesting read!

For St. Francis Day (Oct 4) I chose the image above of Francis with the wolf of Gubbio, a predator wolf which Francis is said to have tamed and befriended. Now there's a patron saint for me! There are "wolves" who stalk the paths of my mind and heart - and perhaps a wolf's shadow has occasionally darkened your own steps.

Now, there are different kinds of wolves - check out this story of the two wolves that do battle within each of us.   Which wolf do you feed?

I'm reminded here of a prayer of mine that I posted some years back:

Lord Jesus,
take possession of my desires:
tame them, heal them,
shape them, mold them,
use them for your glory.

Take possession of my desires,
the rest of my day,
and my whole way of life.

So, pray with me today that St. Francis will help each of us name and, with God's grace, tame the wolf within and make of him our friend or, as Francis called him, Brother Wolf...


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