Simply Living Lent - IV

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Simply Living Lent - Week Four
Each Saturday in Lent you will find here, for the coming week, a prayer for Morning and Night and reminders for fasting and caring for the poor. (Click here for Week One, here for Week Two, here for Week Three)


Dear God,
Please send the spring time!
I need the warmth of the sun and the new life it draws forth.
I need to see the greening and flowering of life
which has spent the winter buried beneath the snow.
I believe that you who bring the earth back to life each year
will restore peace to the world,
make us channels of your peace…
Make a spring time in my own heart, too, O Lord:
restore, refresh and bring to flower
whatever the winter of my life has put to sleep.
And I have a special favor to ask of you, Lord, here it is...
You will not forget the people closest to my heart
who need your help, Lord,
but lest I fail to remember them today,
I lift up their names to you now...
Lord, in your love and mercy, hear my prayer.

Our Father...


Night and day you watch over those you love, Lord:
you are always awake to our needs.
Your watchful care gives me reason to fall asleep in your arms,
and to trust that you will be with me when I wake in the morning.
Bless my night with good rest and touch my dreams with your peace.
Watch over those who are afraid this night
and who may be troubled with difficult memories and dreams.
Stand guard with those who serve and protect us,
and with all who are in harm’s way this night.
As a mother tucks in her child,
tuck in your world, Lord, under a blanket of peace.
Give me good rest that tomorrow
I may respond generously and graciously to those in need.

Hail Mary...

•This week, the particular food or beverage I will give up is...
•This week, the particular activity or pleasure I will give up is...
•This week, the old, bad habit I’ll work on is...

Caring for the Poor

•This week I’m donating groceries to the local food pantry 1
•This week I’m shopping for my gift for the Easter Giving Tree 1
•This week, I’m making a contribution
to my Lenten offering box or my favorite charity 1
•This week... 1

You might print this post and place it where it will be at hand.
Adapt the options for Caring for the Poor
to your particular circumstances.

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