Retreat Notes #1

    The view from my window this week

I'm away this week at Eastern Point Retreat House in Gloucester, MA.  I hold you all in my heart in prayer this week so in a way, you're here with me on retreat. To share my experience with you, I'll post occasional notes like the one below.  Please, come pray with me!


Lord, I know I’m privileged and blessed to be at this place, to spend this time with you, in silence and in prayer. There’s a great calm settling in my soul, a peace so deep I know that only you could be its source… 

I’ve come here to find you - but you were already, and you always are, a lodger in my heart.  Though I may wander far and wide, though I sometimes forget you - or think to myself that you’ve forgotten me - there’s never a moment when you’re not by my side, present to my every joy and sorrow, anointing me with mercy and filling me with grace that I neither merit nor deserve.

Here, in the stillness, at the ocean’s edge, you beat softly on my heart like the waves upon the shore, massaging my weariness with your strong and gentle hands, inviting me to trust and to rest in your embrace.

There’s not a day or night, there’s not a time or place, when you’re not with us, Lord - with each of us - as you’re with me today.  Whatever the time, then, and wherever we may be, open our hearts to you in prayer: to your presence, to your Spirit, to the peace you long to give us, the peace we long to find.





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