NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 1/20

This seems to happen to me more and more often, Lord:
    I'll be in a group of people and suddenly be aware
   of how each individual is a living, breathing library 
        of stories, fiction and non-fiction;
        of history, inherited and lived;
        of science, settled and evolving;
        of art work, classical and modern;
        of poetry, rhymed and flowing free verse;
        of biographies, complete and still in progress;
        and of reference works, old and up-to-date...
Keep me from judging books by their covers
    and people by their color, creed and circumstances...
Keep me in awe of the tragedy each human story holds
    - and the adventure tales, the comedy, the science,
        the history and the mystery imprinted on the pages
            that fill each human heart...
Keep me mindful, Lord, of the millions of pages
    and thousands of chapters in each person's life
and of how much more there is to read
    - even in the lives of those I love and know the best...
Only you know the whole story each of us lives, Lord,
    and only you know all the stories behind our stories;
only you truly understand and comprehend  
    everything our stories hold and how each one will end;
and only you, Lord, have the wisdom, time and interest
    to read each word on every page in every chapter of our lives...

In your mercy, 
    Lord, help me accept that story that's mine;
in your light, 
    help me edit what needs correction;
and with your Spirit's grace 
    help me make your story mine...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

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