Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 8/16

I was back at my old stomping grounds yesterday,
just to pick up a few things that have been in storage
while renovations have been underway...
And there it was!
In the midst of bookcases, desks and boxes
- I happened upon the chair from my old office,
from back when I was, indeed, a pastor in Concord...

I sat down 
and my frame immediately warmed
to my chair's familiar contours,
its smooth, curved arms,
its soft, leather upholstery
and the firm support its high back offered:
    not just a chair here, but an old friend 
    who served me faithfully and well
    for a quarter of a century...
Only altar and ambo, Lord,
have greater claim than my chair 
as the sacred space where I most often served you,
by listening to your people
and the whispers of their hearts...

Sitting in my chair again reminded me
    of all the stories, tears and secrets, 
    laughter, joys and sorrows,
    problems, prayers and pleading, 
    struggles, pain, and healing, 
    longings, hopes, dreams,
    questions, doubts and faith, 
    insights, growth and wisdom
so many people shared with me,
sitting in my office, Lord,
all those many years...
I was blessed to sit there one more time
and humbled by the memories
of all the grace  I found, Lord,
in the words and tears and smiles
your holy people shared with me,
sitting in my office,
over all those many years...




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