Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/31

So, here I am, Lord,
at the beginning of another day
and like every other day
- this one's a gift from you:
   a clean slate,
   a fresh start,
   a gift to open,
   a mystery to explore,
   an opportunity to take
   a chance to begin anew...

Like every day, Lord,
this day invites me to:
   live in your love,
   share myself freely,
   live in the moment
      just for today,
   to speak the truth,
   do what is just
   and generously serve my neighbor...
And as on every other day, Lord,
you offer to:
   walk by my side,
   send me your Spirit,
   shelter my heart,
   anoint me with gladness,
   enlighten my thoughts,
   forgive me my sins
   and lead me to live in peace...

As on every other day, Lord,
I can choose:
   to waste all you generously give
   or accept all you have to offer
so today I pray you'll open
   my heart to your love,
   my mind to your wisdom,
   my thoughts to your truth,
   my soul to your mercy
   and my hands to any in need...

Today is your gift to me, Lord:
    may I spend it with you
    and come to its close in peace...






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