Monday Morning Offerings

MMO - 1   Walk with me, Lord, and show me your face
MMO - 2   Guide me on my way, Lord
MMO - 3   For a week I'm dreading or a week I'm awaiting
MMO - 4   When things just don't seem fair
MMO - 5   When I forget that God is with me
MMO - 6   When prayer is not on the tip of my tongue
MMO - 7   When I need God to jump-start my day
MMO - 8   Feeling like a loser, wanting to be a champion
MMO - 9   When good times are coming to an end
MMO - 10   Being a student in the Lord's classroom
MMO - 11   Finding moments of rest with the Lord
MMO - 12   All prayer is good in the Lord's ears
MMO - 13   The give and take of prayer
MMO - 14   When my prayer is as simple as a child's prayer
MMO - 15   Just a basic offering of my day to the Lord
MMO - 16   Wondering what God does with my prayer
MMO - 17   Winners and losers: all praise the Lord
MMO - 18   As good dads care for their own, so God cares for us
MMO - 19   Praying before voting
MMO - 20   Praying to become a temple of God's presence
MMO - 21   Praying for those I meet along the path I walk
MMO - 22   A prayer for giving thanks and praise
MMO - 23   Offering the clutter, joys and sorrows of my heart
MMO - 24   Praying over things that hinder me from welcoming God
MMO - 25   What does God want from me?
MMO - 26   What are the thing in life that wrap me up?
MMO - 27   A prayer for making New Year's resolutions
MMO - 28   What is God revealing to me?
MMO - 29   Praying for warmth in the winter
MMO - 30   When I'm not sure I can hear God's voice
MMO - 31   When finding joy in God's people
MMO - 32   Offering God the bumps and interruptions of the day
MMO - 33   When problems get in the way of my faith
MMO - 34   When my heart and my shoulders ache with heaviness
MMO - 35   Praying as Lent begins
MMO - 36   Praying in a season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving 
MMO - 37   When "stuff" gets in the way of my prayer 
MMO - 38   When it seems the winter will not end
MMO - 39   Prayer when my good intentions fail
MMO - 40   When I need a good shepherd to care for me
MMO - 41   Preparing to pray in Holy Week
MMO - 42   Prayer on Easter Monday, looking back on Holy Week
MMO - 43   Sometimes I'm present to prayer, sometimes I'm absent
MMO - 44   Praying for springtime in my heart
MMO - 45   Praying for healing of sickness, of all kinds
MMO - 46   When I really do think it's "all about me"
MMO - 47   Waking up to God's presence in my life
MMO - 48   Praying for those who have died
MMO - 49   Praying for the gifts of the Holy Spirit
MMO - 50   Praying from my powerlessness
MMO - 51   When God has touched and healed my heart
MMO - 52   Prayer to stay true to my good intentions 
MMO - 53   Praying like a child in the summertime
MMO - 54   Praying from powerlessness, for acceptance 
MMO - 55   When I'm trying hard, but...
MMO - 56   When I think I'm not praying the "right way"
MMO - 57   Praying over things left undone
MMO - 58   Praying over my family
MMO - 59   Let my prayer rise like incense, a pleasing fragrance
MMO - 60   Praying for a deeper friendship with the Lord
MMO - 61   When it seems that God might be nudging me to pray
MMO - 62   As summer ends
MMO - 63   Labor Day: how great are the works of the Lord
MMO - 64   When what I do seems not enough
MMO - 65   Offering God the things I can't take care of
MMO - 66   A repost of the "give and take" prayer
MMO - 67   What do I offer to the One who has everything?
MMO - 68   Praying to make it from one day to another
MMO - 69   What has God planted in me?  when will it bloom?
MMO - 70   Just a basic morning offering
MMO - 71   Praying to offer God what I cling to the most
MMO - 72   A November prayer: offering God the ones I love
MMO - 73   Offering my thanks to God at Thanksgiving
MMO - 74   Offering a new year of faithful living as Advent begins
MMO - 75   Praying when my problems seem like mountains
MMO - 76   What have I to give to the Lord?
MMO - 77   Praying when I'm all wrapped up in other things
MMO - 78   Looking towards a new year and resolving to pray
MMO - 79   Lord, help me see what you reveal to me
MMO - 80   Praying in the post-Christmas lull
MMO - 81   Praying when the poor are suffering - which is always
MMO - 82   When God pops up in your life unexpectedly
MMO - 83   Praying in gratitude for the gifts of others
MMO - 84   Remembering that God loved me before I loved God
MMO - 85   Praying when you hope THIS Lent will be the best Lent
MMO - 86   Making a place for prayer where I live
MMO - 87   Praying when my possessions are getting in the way
MMO - 88   When God's mercy is too great to understand
MMO - 89   Prayer as give and take - a repost
MMO - 90   Praying at Eastertime
MMO - 91   Praying with all the body of Christ, my brothers and sisters
MMO - 92   Praying that God hears every prayer I offer
MMO - 93   Praying when I need a good shepherd to care for me
MMO - 94   Praying when change is needed in my life
MMO - 95   When I need to awaken to God's presence
MMO - 96   Praying for the Spirit's gifts at Pentecost
MMO - 97   Praying from my heart to the Lord's heart
MMO - 98   Praying about the "little things" in my life
MMO - 99   Praying when summer is upon me
MMO - 100  Praying in gratitude for all the people around me
MMO - 101  Praying to be the good Samaritan, to be open to others' help
MMO - 102  Praying when I'm worried about the work I do 
MMO - 103  Praying God a simple prayer
MMO - 104  Praying to be poor in God's eyes
MMO - 105  Learning to pray for trust when I want surety
MMO - 106  Praying on vacation
MMO - 107  Praying in gratitude for God's help
MMO - 108  Praying as the seasons change
MMO - 109  A Labor Day offering of the work
MMO - 110  Offering my life to God: a week, a day, an hour at a time 
MMO - 111  When, in small ways, I need to cling and hold on to God 
MMO - 112  Prayer: from summer to fall to winter to...
MMO - 113  Morning Offering on the Feast of St. Francis
MMO - 114  Prayer on the tip of my tongue
MMO - 115  Prayer in the fall, as the leaves change color
MMO - 116  Competing well, running the race, keeping the faith
MMO - 117  Morning Offering for November, month of All Souls
MMO - 118  The prayer of falling leaves
MMO - 119  An offering of those who paths cross mine
MMO - 120  An offering for Thanksgiving week 
MMO - 121  An Advent Morning Offering 
MMO - 122 When things are just too busy! 
MMO - 123 An offering of Isaiah's words: Make good your promise Lord! 
MMO - 124 A prayer when one feels all wrapped up!
MMO - 125 An offering of resolution
MMO - 126 A morning offering for new beginnings
MMO - 127 The Lord's plans, and mine, for a new year 
MMO - 128 Offering my questions and confusion
MMO - 129 Offering the winter blahs
MMO - 130 Finding the face of God in those around us
MMO - 131 What does God do with my prayers?
MMO - 132 Offering a heavy heart on Valentine's Day 
MMO - 133 Offering thanks for the people in my life
MMO - 134 Offering my efforts when I'm trying to... 
MMO - 135 When I forget to show mercy as I've been shown mercy
MMO - 136 When I need to remember that others are as fragile as I
MMO - 137 Praying for spring to arrive in my heart
MMO - 138 Praying, half way through Lent
MMO - 139 Morning Offering for end of Lent
MMO - 140 Morning Offering for Holy Week
MMO - 141 Easter Monday Morning Offering
MMO - 142 Morning Offering for the beginning of spring
MMO - 143 Morning Offering by an open window 
MMO - 144 Longing for plain and simple days
MMO - 145 Walk me through this week, Lord
MMO - 146 A Morning Offering for Memorial Day 
MMO - 147 An offering of need for the gifts of the Holy Spirit
MMO - 148 When I'm afraid I'm not praying "the right way" 
MMO - 149 An offering of the Body of Christ, the Church, Corpus Christi 
MMO - 150 An offering as summer vacations begin 
MMO - 151 Praying in the heat of the summer 
MMO - 152 Offering the today: the day the Lord has made 
MMO - 153 Nudge and poke me, Lord!
MMO - 154 Offering my heart's desire to be desired by the Lord
MMO - 155 Offering my desire to walk on the water, in faith 
MMO - 156 A Simple morning offering 
MMO - 157 An offering of fresh basil!
MMO - 158 An offering at a season's end 
MMO - 159 Morning Offerings for Labor Day 
MMO - 160 Offering the beginning of a new parish "year"
MMO - 161 When I think and act as if it's all about me! 
MMO - 162 Offering the Lord my need for change
MMO - 163 Offering thanks for the Lord's friendship
MMO - 164 When I need help to get from day to day
MMO - 165 Offering thanks as the leaves turn color
MMO - 166 An offering of thanks for shining the sun in my face 
MMO - 167 A morning offering for the month of All Souls 
MMO - 168 An offering of leaves falling from my heart 
MMO - 169 A November morning offering 
MMO - 170 A Thanksgiving week MO 
MMO - 171 An Advent-New Year Morning Offering
MMO - 172 An Advent Morning Offering
MMO - 173 To rejoice always, pray unceasingly and give thanks in all circumstances 
MMO - 174  An offering while wrapping Christmas gifts 
MMO - 175  An Epiphany offering 
MMO - 176  In those difficult in-between times 
MMO - 177 When the grace of God interrupts (and saves!) my days
MMO - 178  What if, Lord... what would you do with me? 
MMO - 179  An offering after a tough week
MMO - 180  An offering of interruptions 
MMO - 181  A Morning Offering in preparation for Lent
MMO - 182  A penitential Morning Offering
MMO - 183  Offering a desire to draw closer to God 
MMO - 184  Praying when I can't find the words to pray 
MMO - 185  Praying when Lent is half over
MMO - 186  Praying for trust when I really want answers!
MMO - 187  A morning offering for the week we call Holy 
MMO - 188  An offering of doubt and a prayer for belief 
MMO - 189  An offering at the beginning of spring
MMO - 190  In need of a good shepherd
MMO - 191  When I'm busy, harried, frazzled and distracted 
MMO - 192  In gratitude for a moment of grace
MMO - 193  A Memorial Day morning offering
MMO - 194  An offering of thanks for gifts taken for granted
MMO - 195  An offering of open windows and fresh air in June
MMO - 196  An offering of praise to God who sees into my heart
MMO - 197  An offering of thanks for married love 
MMO - 198  A re-post of MMO-1 on the fourth anniversary of MMO 
MMO - 199  Thank you, Lord, for always being there when I pray...
MMO - 200  An offering of praise for summer's warmth
MMO - 201  When I try to say and do the right thing - but... 
MMO - 202  Thanksgiving for the generous, selfless people in my life...
MMO - 20A vacation morning offering
MMO - 204  An offering of the give and take of prayer
MMO - 205  An offering as the summer wanes
MMO - 206  Labor Day morning offering

As you can see, I'm a bit behind in maintaining the archive!  My apology for that
and a promise to update this listing as soon as I'm able.  (10/28/12)